Carpet Size

A generic Flying Carpet with 36 rows, 3 seats each side of a central aisle measures 2.4 metres wide x 8.0 metres long (8 feet x 26 feet), a little larger than a car parking space. It can comfortably accommodate around 40 passengers with their bags.
Such a design is adequate for the largest single-aisle aircraft, such as the Airbus A321, which can have up to 36 rows with 3 seats each side, carrying 216 passengers.
Of course it is also suitable for smaller aircraft with fewer rows and only 2 seats per side as in business class. It just means that some spaces on the carpet are not used.
Nevertheless the Flying Carpet can be produced in a variety of colours with or without logos and other details, thanks to by digital printing techniques which are now widely available. Most commercial grades of floor coverings are suitable, whether durable carpet or hard-wearing vinyl.