Cost Savings

A typical commercial airliner costs at least US$40 per minute while it is waiting to be filled with passengers, according to a recent American study. A similar study, this time by a European group, states that the spending is much higher, 72 Euros per minute (around US$100).
Taking the conservative lower figure of US$40 per minute, 10 minutes saved by the Flying Carpet amounts to US$400 for a single flight. With an average of 6 flights per airplane daily, this equates to savings of $2,400 per day. Assuming airplanes operate 300 days a year, savings per airplane amount to $720,000 per year. Finally, for an medium size airline with a fleet of 100 airplanes, the total savings made possible by the Flying Carpet would equate to a whopping $72 million per year!

A bonus for airlines is that since passengers sort themselves out, less staff input and regimentation is needed. The system fits well with the trend towards automatic boarding machines by airlines seeking to minimize costs.