How it Works

The Flying Carpet is a mat or carpet marked with a scaled-down replica of an aircraft seating plan. It is placed in the departure lounge (rear seat numbers nearest the gate) surrounded by tape barriers.
When boarding commences the tape barrier at the other end is withdrawn, allowing about 30 to 40 passengers to enter and move along the carpet to their allocated seat number.This takes less than a minute, then the tape barrier is replaced, and the barrier at the gate end is withdrawn, allowing the group of passengers to proceed through the gate along the aerobridge to the airplane, rear seat passengers leading.
Because passengers are arranged in logical row order, they all arrive at their rows without having to push past anyone else. Moreover, because they are spread out along the whole length of the aisle, passengers have plenty of elbow room to stow their bags and take their seats.

Meanwhile, the next group of 30 to 40 passengers are taking their place on the carpet. Once again the tape barriers ensure orderly formation of the group within a minute. The passengers in Group 2 then walk down the corridor, arriving at the airplane door just as the previous group of passengers have become seated. They too can go to their seats undisturbed. Five or six such groups in rapid succession enable 180 passengers to fill a airplane in about half the usual time, typically saving as much as 10 minutes.